Man found guilty of attempted murder

Twenty-one year old Darrel Mayen, charged with attempted murder, was found guilty of the charge today by Justice John Gonzalez in a trial that was without jury. Justice Gonzalez has deferred sentencing until Friday, February 19, in order to give Mayen’s attorney, Oscar Selgado, time to prepare a plea for mitigation. The incident occurred shortly after 9 p.m. on August 1, 2010, almost at the corner of Woodpecker Street and Jimmy Dyer street. The victim, 32 year old Rafael Caceres, was walking on Woodpecker Street, heading for home when Mayen rode up behind him on a bicycle and fired several shots at him. Caceres was shot in his back as he jumped over a drain in an effort to get away. The injury has left him crippled in one leg. Caceres positively identified Mayen as the person who shot him. Mayen testified and said that he was at his mother’s house watching television when the incident occurred. He called his mother as a witness but she could not say whether he had left the house. Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith represented the prosecution.vlcsnap-2016-02-12-11h11m45s580

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