Man gunned down in Corozal

Late last night, another murder occurred, this time in Corozal.  According to police report, just after 11:00 p.m., 21-year-old Brandon Lee Tesecum of Orange Walk Town was gunned at the Corner of San Antonio and San Andres Road in Corozal District.  Tescum received several gunshot wounds to the head and  succumbed to his injuries. Police say it appears the attacker or attackers lay waited him in a patch of bush on the rather lonely and dark road; from their they ambushed him and shot him several times. The body of Tesecum was transported to the Corozal Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival at 1:17 a.m. Police are looking for two male persons whom they believe can assist in their investigations. We understand that Tesecum had recently returned to mainland as he was in An Pedro. vlcsnap-2017-06-12-17h10m35s564

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