Man helps his cousin to rape his little sister

A minor was raped by her cousin in assistance of her brother. A 13-year-old Guatemalan female student of Cayo District in the presence her mother reported that on the 3rd of September while at their residence , she was approached by her twenty six year old brother who told her to have sexual relations with one of her male cousins who lives at that same residence and who is twenty one years of age. The minor refused and went to her room. At 12:00 a.m the following day, her brother woke her up and took her into the cousin’s room and handed her over to him and left. The cousin reportedly then had sexual Intercourse with her against her will. Two days later, on the 5th of September while sleeping, her brother again woke her up at 11:00p.m. and took her into the cousin’s room where again had sex with her against her will. A medical examination was conducted on the minor where doctors certified that she had been carnally known. Both her brother and her cousin are presently in Police custody pending investigation of rape, and abetment to rape

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