Manhunt for three escaped prisoners







Sometime Sunday night, three prisoners escaped from the Belize Central Prison. CEO of the Kolbe Foundation Earl Jones told us more.

Earl Jones – CEO Kolbe Foundation:

vlcsnap-2013-07-30-06h53m36s26On Sunday the 28th of July, 2013, we had an escape from the prison about 7:10 pm.  [involving] three inmates from the juvenile section of the prison. Making good their escape was Roqael Tiul, a Guatemalan national who was serving time for a firearm [offence]; Hector Garcia, another Guatemalan national who was here on illegal entry awaiting deportation; and Belizean Wilmar Guzman who was here on a charge of theft, serving a six month sentence.  They made good their escape from the Wagners Youth Facility at about 7:10 pm, and have been heading in a Westward or Southern direction, [to the ] Southern part of the country.  They’re asking the public to be aware of these guys, and if they are spotted they could call.  The number is 610-0649 or 610-0805 or inform the nearest police station of their whereabouts.  We’re also cautioning motorists to be careful of who they’re picking up along the highway, ‘cause these guys are out there. 

Jones also informed us that the escapees made off around the time of a shift change. It is still uncertain whether the incident is due to human error in the part of the guards and the staff of Kolbe Foundation or a well planned escape, investigations are still undergoing. The public is being asked to call 911 upon sight of any of these three and to not offer any assistance to them as they might be dangerous.

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