Man killed by falling metal sheets

38 year old Roman Cu, a Belizean laborer of August Pine Ridge Village, Orange Walk, lost his life on Friday morning, when he fell from a fork lift that was carrying some large metal steals.

The incident occurred at Midwest Steal Company in the Spanish Lookout area, sometime before 10 am Friday morning.

Reports are that a man on a forklift was loading metal sheets onto a trailer attached to a pickup truck. During this process , Roman Cu was reportedly standing on top of the metal sheets that were being carried by the forklift. Something went wrong during the process, and the metal sheets reportedly fell from the forklift and landed on top of Mr Cu.

Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police Station Superintendant Dinsdale Thompson, told us more.


vlcsnap-2015-02-07-05h36m24s24Superintendant Dinsdale Thompson  – Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police Station

“Upon arrival in the Spanish Lookout community, at Midwest Steel, preliminary investigation is showing us that Henry Reimer, businessman, was operating his forklift and carrying three metal sheets measuring some 8 feet by 20 feet.

On these steel sheets he was carrying also Mr Roman Cu, 38 years old Belizean laborer of August Pine Ridge Village.  Mr Cu fell off.  When he fell off , the metal sheets that [were being] carried at the time fell on Mr Romon Cu, which caused injury to him, and caused him to succumb to those injuries which he had received.”


According to reports, immediately after the accident co-workers tried to resuscitate Roman Cu, but were unable to do so.

Police are now awaiting the results of the post-mortem examination.

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