Man knocked down in Roaring Creek

There was another accident this morning on the George Price Highway in Roaring Creek Village. An elderly man, Lucio Ochoa, was riding a bicycle shortly before eleven this morning on the highway in his village when he was hit by a white pickup truck. The driver of the pickup, Rosalio Moralez, told police that was heading to Belmopan when he saw Ochoa cross the road suddenly.  Plus news also spoke to a witness of the accident.

Eye Witness: I was over there by that shop over there and I saw this white pickup was coming from up there coming down and then this old man was coming up on his bike and then I saw when the man was breaking (pressing the breaks) and the old man was on his bike coming up and all I heard was bang and he fell on the floor right here, he was like right over here and then he knock him all the way over there. I saw his head have a burst and his nose, blood was coming out of his nose.vlcsnap-00279vlcsnap-00274vlcsnap-00276

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