Man knocked down on highway critical

A young man is in critical condition at the KHMH after a suspected hit and run in Burrell Boom, and his family is asking for public assistance. Plus News understands that Christian Charles was knocked down in Burrell Boom around 4:30 a.m. yesterday while heading home from a social gathering. His brother, Kareem Myvette, spoke to us over the phone and told us what the family believes happened to Charles.

Kareem Myvette, Brother:

He left with some family members from Boom to go to the, well they were celebrating his uncle’s birthday so they went to Ladyville, just to get out of the village and go get some drinks. When the driver was ready to leave he wasn’t ready to go. He had secured a ride, but it looked like when the ride left, they dropped him at Boom cut off because he found out the ride was going to Sandhill so he started walking in from Boom cut off. He was seen on the road approximately after 3 sometime walking on the road. The gentleman said that he tried to stop but he was nervous, he was sketchy to stop so he kept going. So maybe around quarter to 5, somebody hit him. And from the looks of things they hit him pretty good. It looks like they ran over him a little bit because he is severely damaged. A gentleman was coming from Double Head Village, was coming out into the Ladyville area and he saw like a person in the middle of the road and he stopped. At the same time a DJ friend from Boom was coming in from the Eruption night club. The guy from Double Head met him first, then maybe 10-15 minutes after the DJ guy came in and they just kind of saw what was going on with him. I can’t really go into too much detail but he was messed up pretty bad. He’s not responsive, he’s just breathing and he was trying to say something but nothing was coming out. So after I got the call after 5:30, after they were trying to get to anybody, no ambulance came, I came out there and I did my own observation and saw that he was damaged. It had to be some kind of vehicle accident.

Reporter: So you guys are suspecting that it is a hit and run since you did not find anybody that stopped and owned up to it?

Kareem Myvette, Brother: Yeah nobody’s owning up to anything. We’re asking everybody in the village
if they see anything on a vehicle, if they see any damage on vehicles to report it to the police.

The family is hopeful that Charles will recover from his injuries and they are asking the public’s assistance in donating blood [

Kareem Myvette, Brother:

My name is Kareem Myvette; I’m a resident of Burrell Boom Village and one of our residents is in bad shape at the KHMH Hospital. At this time we’re asking anybody who is a donor to come to the KHMH in the morning to donate any type of blood. We’re asking for O positive but the blood bank will take whatever you can bring. Please, we need at least 15 to 20 pints so we can get this operation going. God bless and thank you.

The family can be contacted at 622-1232 or 636-4307.//[end]

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