Man Knocked off bicycle and Killed

A man was knocked down and killed on Friday night while riding his bicycle on the George Price High at mile 13 near the village of Hattieville. According to reports, 50 year old Miguel Angel Cruz, a resident of Hattieville Village was coming back from setting tilipia traps as part of his fishing hobby. At around 8 pm on Friday July 24th, Cruz was coming from the Direction of Belize City heading home towards Hattieville village when he was knocked down by an oncoming Toyota Corolla driven at the time by 38 year old Marlon Hernandez of the same village. According to Hernandez’s report to police, he was travelling with his low beam on and upon passing the toilet paper factory, he saw a shadow in the middle of the road. Hernandez said that as he put on his high beam he observed a person riding in the middle of the road. According to Hernandez, he tried to avoid hitting the person by swerving off the road but by then it was too late. The Family of Miguel Angel Cruz however disputes that.

Voice of: Senaida Cruz  – Sister of Deceasedvlcsnap-2015-07-28-10h51m34s169

” The understanding that I got was that he was overtaking another vehicle and that same vehicle that he overtook ran him down, like he wasn’t going to stop, it would have been a hit and run. Why I believe that is because  when they called me, he told me it was a hit and run because the vehicle did not stop. I want there because I live all the way here in Roaring Creek but Eurid was keeping me posted. He was on his correct hand, that’s what I understand – he was on his correct hand but it’s like what they say, dead man carry no tale. He is not here to defend himself now, so naturally, the driver is trying to take out himself. Mr. Garcia told me that they are taking a urine test because from what they understand, the man was taking a drink. If they are changing up now that they found the bottle of rum in the vehicle, he had on no shirt and he was drinking and they are trying to change that up because my brother is already dead. He is dead and  matter what we cannot bring him back. If justice isn’t there, God will give justice. “

The body was transported to KHMH and pronounced dead around 11 pm. The driver, Marlon Hernandez, has since been served with a notice of intended prosecution.

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