Man looks for his 15 year old Daughter

Francis Coc, a resident of Maya Mopan area, Belmopan, is calling on the public’s assistance in locating his 15 year old daughter Briana Barrie Coc. According to Mr Coc, on Monday, September 14th,  after what seemed like a normal day, his daughter apparently went missing.

Francis Coc

“Yesterday, around quarter to seven, I left my home.  I had to work.  I didn’t talk to my daughter. 

Around 10:30 I called her, and she answered me.”

But when he reached home that same evening his daughter was not at home, which he says is not normal of her. He called his other daughter who stays with his ex wife to find out if his daughter had been there. But he learnt from her that she had not been there.

vlcsnap-2014-09-18-12h41m41s113Francis Coc

“I checked her bed. I get everything for her.  I didn’t see anything on the table. 

After that I called again that same one, [to see] if anybody knew if my daughter had called that same one. 

One of them gave me the information that ‘Yes, your daughter called me, between 10 and 11, and she asked me to drop her at the terminal.'”

According to Francis Coc, his daughter is not one to run off without informing him of her whereabouts. Francis Coc had won custody of his daughter after he divorced.

The distressed father now calls on the public’s assistance in locating his 15 year old daughter Briana Coc. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Briana you are asked to contact 911 and report it to the police or contact her father at 629-9654 or 664-4730.

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