Man murdered in Ambergris Caye

vlcsnap-2013-04-12-20h52m12s186There was a murder on Ambergris Caye on Thursday night. Eugene Anthony Lockwood, 39, is a woodcarver originally from Sandhill, Belize District but at the time of his death was living in the San Pedrito area, of the island. Lockwood was shot dead when a lone gunman released a burst of bullets in his direction. Lockwood and three other men were together at the corner of Glitter and Swan Streets when the shooter fired between 5 and ten times, hitting Lockwood in the left lower abdomen. Another person, one Derrick Samuels, was also shot in his left lower back before the gunman escaped. We spoke with Mildred Lockwood, a sister of the deceased.
Mildred Lockwood – Sister of the deceased:
vlcsnap-2013-04-12-20h52m30s109He do his carving and he take things to sell, like stew soup and different things like that.  Anything stew what he can make, he take out there. But mostly it was his carving.
We’re humble people, and he out there to do his hustling to build his house.  He was just doing his house top cement.  He was out there hustling. I don’t bin out there to see what going on with him, but all I know he was working a bit on his carving, and he was trying to finish build his house.

Police are said to be following at least one lead but it is Eugene Lockwood’s family that must now pick up the pieces. Bernadine Westby says that the family is still waiting for the details as to why their brother was murdered.

Bernadine Westby – Sister of the deceased:
vlcsnap-2013-04-12-20h59m08s5They told me that they will bring him in this morning at the morgue.  But I don’t know how they no reach yet, ’cause we are here from morning.
I don’t know anything yet.  I am waiting on them right now to enplane something to me, because I don’t live out there, I live in Sandhill.  So I don’t really know anything.
This really happen so sudden.  I didn’t believe something like this would have happened to my brother.

Lockwood will be laid to rest in the Village of Sandhill. Police say they have one person detained for questioning.

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