Man murdered in Los Tambos area of Cayo District

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A  couple was shot on Independence Day . The husband died and the wife remains hospitalized.

On September 21,  at about 11:55 a.m., police visited the Los Tambos area in the Cayo District, where the body of 27-year-old Manuel Ramos was seen with apparent gunshot wounds to the chest, arm and chin.

Officer Commanding San Ignatio Police Department, Superintendant Dinsdale Thompson, told us more.


vlcsnap-2014-09-24-06h23m40s154Superintendant Dinsdale Thompson – Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police Department

“On Sunday, September 21st, we had received information from a caller from Los Tambos village in the Spanish Lookout area, San Ignacio, and this caller told us certain information.  Based upon information that we have received from the caller, we then visited Los Tambos village where we have found a Hispanic individual in a pool of blood, who we later got to find out his name is one Mr. Ramos.

Our primary investigation is revealing that Mr. Ramos was at home when he along with his wife [were] conversing, when she heard gunshots fired.

At the time she heard the gunshot that was fired she was not conscious where the shot was fired [from]and hit him in the upper body area. When we reached there we found that her husband was lying in the pool of blood, the common law wife said that she had not seen anyone. Our investigation is showing that the gunshot was fired from what we believe is not less than a distance of 300 meters away. It appears to be that of a rifle at this point, we are still investigation that.  The forensics will determine whether what type of weapon was used upon Mr. Ramos. Generally for the September Celebration we did have a smooth flowing parade; we had minor reports but not any major one except for this murder in Los Tambos area.”


The common-law wife 36-year-old Alba Luz Moralez was shot the leg. Both were transported to the Western Regional Hospital where Alba Moralez remains in a stable condition.

Police are investigating.

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