Man pleads guilty to stabbing incident

32 year old Danny Maskall  has been remanded to Hattieville prison as he awaits sentencing. Today, he pleaded guilty to wounding Clive Sutherland during a stabbing incident on Partridge Street, Belize City. Sutherland was stabbed to the left side of the chest, let upper side of  the back and right upper side of his back in January of this year.. According to reports,  Sutherland was walking on Partridge Street when Maskall approached him and asked him if he knew where he could get some water for a vehicle.   Sutherland said he showed him where he could get some water and that is when Maskall jumped him and began to stab him several times. In court this morning, Sutherland asked his attacker why he stabbed him that night when they knew each other for about 14 months and they never had any misunderstanding or altercation. Maskall agreed that the two men had no “beef” but said that prior to the incident he was drinking with friends and while he had no reason to stab Sutherland, today in court he was very apologetic to Sutherland. Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith remanded Maskall to prison pending sentencing.  His conviction for wounding could possibly well land him behind bars for a period of up to 7 years. His sentencing has been deferred for June 29th.vlcsnap-00100

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