Man robbed and shot while waiting for bus in Unitedville

A man was robbed and shot as he stood waiting for a bus in Unitedville. The victim is 24 year old Henry Michael Gordon of Blackman Eddy Village Cayo District.  On Monday 7th March 2016 about 7:30pm, Gordon was at the road side on the George Price Highway in Unitedville Village waiting to catch a bus when a young man known to him as Eric Elrington placed a black pistol to Gordon’s head and demanded money. Fearing for his life, Gordon took out his wallet and gave the man $600.00 bcy. But even though the robber got the money, that was apparently not enough, and shot Gordon on the right foot. The robber pulled the trigger a second time to finish off  Gordon but the gun snapped, giving Gordon a chance to run away. While Gordon was running away, the shooter fired again and another bullet hit Gordon on the right hand. The shoter then ran off with the $600 while Gordon made his way to the hospital.  San Ignacio Police say they are seeking Eric Elrington and the public is asked to contact the police if they know the whereabouts of this suspect.

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