Man Shot and Another Stabbed at Notorious Bar in Ladyville

There was nearly a second and possibly third death in as many nights this weekend, this time in Ladyville.  According to police, there was an altercation inside the Blue House Bar on the Philip Goldson Highway, a stone’s throw from the police station.

One Dennis Burke, 47, apparently got into an altercation with one Edwin Perez and both had to be escorted out. They continued to brawl and Perez’s brother, Oscar Perez, a construction worker of Airport Road, intervened.

He, it is alleged, pulled out a folded five-inch pocket knife and stabbed Burke in the chest.

Burke retaliated by shooting Oscar Perez with his licensed 9 mm handgun in the abdomen.  Both men were treated at the BDF hospital at Price Barracks before being transported to the KHMH.  According to OC of Ladyville Police ASP Christopher Noble, the bar is notorious for wild activity and authorities have ignored the Police’s pleas not to continue granting licenses to it.

vlcsnap-2014-04-07-17h54m39s102Chris Noble- Assistance Superintendent of Police

“The area in question has come in radar before because of those incidents.  We did make an attempt.  The Liquor License Board, in one instance,was assisting for the suspension some operation for them, but it has come up recently and for some reason, we have seen the granting of extensions to it.  That would have to be answered by the Board”.

And the senior officer says Police have just had to work around the issue, but problems still remain.

vlcsnap-2014-04-07-21h22m59s119Assistance Superintendent Chris Noble-:  “Our security part is that we have input security with the person owning the establishment (police, we allow them).  To some extent, it alleviated some of the issues, but for the most part, a lot of the incidents occur outside of the establishment.  Far and few and between is that the incidents occur inside.  However, inebriated these persons might be or am-top on whatever they do inside, it spills up into 1. a major highway, and trying to avoid it, we have made attempts to communicate this to several agencies to see what they can do.  The establishment has limited parking, it is on a major highway, it prolongs into the wee hour of the morning where people would be wanting to get in or out of the city for work purposes”.

Police investigations continue.

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