Man shot and killed in San Ignacio

There was a homicide in San Ignacio Town on Friday, June 16. The victim is 20 year Maynor Leonel Portillo of Santa Elena town. Portillo was  shot  to the head and his body was found  at the eastern side of the Novelo’s Convention Center. Portillo’s body was found in a sitting position leaning against a wall of building. Police say they have no real leads as yet, nor any idea of motive at this time. vlcsnap-00065vlcsnap-00067

Insp. Daniel Iche, Assistant Superintendent of Police: We have not established the motive as yet. Our investigators are actively pursuing the investigation, we have question persons. I am requesting the publics assistance that if they saw anything come forward so we can know and solve that murder. They had persons in custody who we have questioned but nothing substantial gathered.  vlcsnap-00068

According to our own investigation, Portillo apparently knew his killer. We understand that two men were on a motorcycle and called Portillo over to the convention area. When Portillo got there, the men shot after him but Portillo ran. The men followed him and shot at him a second time, hitting him in the head. Witnesses we spoke to say that this latest murder may have something to do with a robbery that happened at Chen’s Chinese Store some weeks ago when $38,000 were stolen. However, as we said, police have questioned several persons but have no real leads to warrant an arrestvlcsnap-00066

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