Man shot in Arizona Village

A shooting incident took place in the Village of Arizona on Sunday. According to Police reports, on Sunday, twenty nine year old Adolfo Flores was socializing in a bar when he got into a misunderstanding with a man known to him as Alex Hernandez. An unknown male person accompanying Hernandez, at the time, took out a firearm and fired shots.

ACP Joseph Myvett, NCIB

Some time shortly before midnight on saturday one Adolfo Flores reported to police that while socializing in Arizona village he got into an altercation with several persons which resulted in one of the persons he was involved in the altercation with, pulling out a firearm and firing two shots, one of which caught him in the left leg. Police have since detained one person pending charges in relation to this investigation.

One bullet caught Flores to his left leg and exited through the back of his leg.  Police say the man who fired the gun was 58 year old Jose Luis Herrera of Santa Teresa village. He  was charged with Use of Deadly Means of Harm and Attempted murder. Police say that Herrera will additionally be charged for the injuries caused to Flores whenever the Medico legal report is available. Police say they also have the weapon is in their possession as exhibit with four live rounds and two expended shells retrieved from the scene.

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