Man Shot in Belmopan

PoliceThere was a shooting incident that occurred in Belmopan during the weekend. According to police reports, on Sunday May 25th, at around 8:15 pm Belmopan Police responded to a shooting incident in the area of Las Flores, Belmopan.

There in front of the community centre they found  24 year old Walberto Deras, Belizean Construction Worker of Las Flores with what appeared to be a single gunshot wound to the right leg below the knee.

Initial investigations revealed that sometime around 8:00 pm Deras was walking along with a friend.

According to reports, upon reaching in front of the Community Centre in Las Flores, a white Toyota Tacoma pickup drove up to them where a man, identified only as “El Indio” fired four shots in his direction.

Walberto Deras was treated for his injury, which was classified as wounding, and later released that same day.

According to police they are looking for a suspect.

The exact motive of the shooting is not yet known however it is believe that a long standing dispute between the two had something to do with the incident.

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