Man shot in Lord’s Bank

A man shot Tuesday night is in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. 28 year old Jorge Caseres was socializing at a residence in Lord’s Bank village around 8:46 in the evening when someone knocked on the main front door. He answered it and the assailant entered and they began to fight. Shots were fired inside the house and Caseres was hit and ran outside where he collapsed to the ground. He had been shot in the neck, arm and foot. Police say they have identified a suspect and the possible motive, according to Police Department press officer Raphael Martinez.

Rafael Martinez – Police Press Officervlcsnap-2015-06-18-09h52m23s67

The Ladyville police are following up on a lead, as a matter of fact they are seeking a person of interest for questioning and of course identification.”


“Has someone been detained?”

Rafael Martinez

“Someone has not been detained as yet but police based on their initial investigation – the person has been identified to them and they are seeking that person at this point.”


“Could you talk to us about the nature of that altercation? Is it a personal issue?”

Rafael Martinez

“From the initial investigations again it seems to be a personal issue and a the persons it seems again, the persons are not from that village – not from Lord’s Bank.”

Police did not indicate where Caseres is from but it is believed that he and his assailant hail from the George Street area of Belize City. They have yet to speak to the injured man but have spoken to persons in the area who witnessed what transpired. Their investigations continue.

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