Man shot in the face at Dangriga gambling establishment

A man was killed in Dangriga on Friday night. 35 year old John Rodriquez was shot to the face while he was at a gambling establishment on Havana street. According to police, on Friday night at about 11 o’clock, Rodriguez was in the establishment playing one of the electronic gambling machine along with three other customers when three male persons entered; one who was armed demanded that the cashier open the door to where she was. However, when she refused, he attempted to kick open the door but was unsuccessful.  He then fired a single shot in the direction of the four persons, grazing 38-year-old Stanley Venai on the left side of the neck and hitting Rodriguez on the left side of the face causing the fatal injury.  His body was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital where it awaits a post-mortem. Police have since detained a 16-year-old male pending investigationvlcsnap-2016-06-07-09h35m38s316

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