Man shot multiple times and killed in Belize City

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A Mahogany Heights resident, who was building a house in Belize City in gang territory, became a target on Friday night in the City’s latest homicide.

Police found Paul Morgan, aged 40, also known as Paul Rubio, in his green and white Ford Explorer, in front of a King Street address near its junction with Tigris Street, around 7:55 p.m., where he had been shot by a lone gunman on a bicycle, who approached the vehicle from behind. Paul Morgan was shot in the head, chin and left eye and died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

Superintendent Hilberto Romero fielded questions about the motive for the case.

vlcsnap-2014-09-16-06h21m11s144Superintendent Hilberto Romero – Police Department

“At this time we have not established a clear motive. That is one of the leads we are following up on. He had been charged before for drug trafficking, and one of the cases is before the court.

We have recorded some statements.  We are looking for one suspect, one person of interest, at this time. 

Perhaps we are looking at another angle that is gang affiliated, but we are still working on establishing a clear motive.”


“Sir, we know that the control of turf for the selling of marijuana and the control of suppliers is an activity related to gangs.  Might his death have been triggered by some sort of turf war between various sets or crews or gangs in Belize City?”

Superintendent Hilberto Romero

“That can be a possibility, I know he was building a house on King Street, and that is the area where he was hanging out that night in a vehicle.”


“So he was known in that general vicinity?”

Superintendent Hilberto Romero

“Yes he was building a house in that area.”

Police are now seeking one man as part of their continued investigations.

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