A 26 year old Belize City man was shot while riding his bike on Fairweather Street yesterday morning. 26 year old Nimrod Fitzgibbon told Police that he had just finished buying food in the area and while riding his someone shot him. Police say that they are investigating it a possible gang related shooting

Wilfredo Ferrufino, National Crimes Investigations Branch: On Sunday at about 9:57am, the police visited the KHMH trauma room and they discovered Nimrod Fitzgibbon: a 26 year old resident of Super Hard Street who was suffering from gunshot wounds to the left leg. Mr. Fitzgibbon indicated that he had just purchased food from the corner of Armadillo Street and Dolphin Street, and was making his way on his bicycle on Fair Weather Street when he observed an individual in Queen’s Square Primary School. He then heard shots and realized that he was injured. Police have not detained anyone so far and the matter is under investigation.

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