Man shot on the Hummingbird Highway

On the evening of Friday November 7th , Jose Abego, a 47 year old Belizean Foreman for Blue Mountain Ranch, situated at Mile 36 of Hummingbird Highway, and a resident of Saint Margret Village, Cayo District, was shot three times.  He was shot twice to the abdomen and once to the leg.

Initial investigations reveal that on Friday night at 7:00 pm, Jose Abrego was exiting his workplace at Blue Mountain Ranch on his motorcycle, when he saw a man who was across the Hummingbird Highway. The man was dressed in camouflage clothing with a hood over his head, and he had a gun. He opened fire on Mr Abrego causing the injuries.

Jos4e Abrego was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital where he is admitted.

Police investigations continue.

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