Man shot three times by minor

vlcsnap-2013-05-17-20h43m00s232A man was rushed to the KHMH yesterday, after being shot three times. His shooter, believed to be a minor, also had to be admitted for a gunshot injury. The incident happened just before 5 pm yesterday; Ryon Myles was at the corner of Oleander Street and Tulip Street, when he was reportedly approached by the 16 year old, armed with a 9mm firearm. The minor  fired several shots at Myles and then ran toward the corner of Tulip and Flamboyant Street where he fired several more shots at Myles. He made an attempt to get away down Vernon Street, but Police intercepted him. He was ordered to drop his gun, but instead reportedly pointed the weapon at Police. One officer then fired a single shot, hitting the minor on the left hand, just above his wrist area. Meanwhile, Myles sustained injuries to the right thigh, left knee and left ankle.

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