Man stabs the mother of his children, then commits suicide

A domestic dispute in the Southern District of Stann Creek has left a mother in the hospital and a father dead.

According to Reports, on Saturday October 4th, sometime before noon, 34 year old Nicole Swazo of Dangriga Town went to Seine Bight village to visit her children, who were in the custody of 33 year old Byron Castillo and his mother.

Reports are that the children met their mother Nicole Swazo at the bus stop, but when Byron Castillo heard this, he reportedly rushed to the bus stop and began to stab Ms Swazo in front of their children. Nicole Swazo received multiple stab wounds to her neck and upper body and was rushed to the Placencia Poly Clinic, and later transported to the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga, where she remains in a stable condition.

seine6.10.14gseine6.10.14fPolice went to the scene to apprehend Byron Castillo but found him hanging by the neck inside his residence. Mr Castillo was rushed to the Poly Clinic, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Members of the community report that Mr Castillo, a former teacher, had a history of  violent behavior. Sometime in the past, Byron Castillo had reportedly stabbed one of his nephews, and was later fired from his teaching job.

Sources from the Village of Seine Bight reveal that the couple had a very rocky relationship.

In an effort to avert situations like this, the Dangriga Town Council is launching a women’s group, aimed at identifying women in abusive relationships and finding ways to assist them.

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