Man viciously attacked on way to work

We have reported on two separate double murders, and an attempted murder, all in the Cayo district over the past few days. On Wednesday, there is another attempted murder to report on and it happened early in the morning, also in the Cayo district. The victim is 28 year old Julian Esquivel of Bella Vista, Cayo. Reports are that Esquivel was heading to work a milpa farm this morning in the Valley of Peace Area sometime around 6 am when someone shot him and then chopped him. We spoke to Esquivel’s common law wife Consuelo Seleni Keme at the Western Regional Hospital where she waited for news on the condition of her husband.

Consuelo Seleni Keme

vlcsnap-2013-10-02-20h36m11s163“He said he will go chop with his brother, Rene.   They passed to the bush and he said that he will come on Saturday, and he gone to the bush and then he tell me that…when he come back right now, he said that Salome Pineda cut he, and chopped him”.





“Did he manage to reach his brother and start chop or just on going on the way.

Consuelo Seleni Keme

 “No.  He was going too inside and said right there by the man land, he said, right there the man cut he when he going to he brother”.

It seems that Julian Esquivel’s attackers first accused him of having stolen a bike, and when he denied the charges they attacked him. He was chopped in the back and shot in the right side of his chest and his right arm.  Mr Esquivel was left in the bushes to die, but he managed to crawl on to the roadside. A Mennonite on his way to work saw the blood soaked Mr Esquivel crawling on the side of the road and stopped to render assistance.

Consuelo Seleni Keme

“I think he said he thief the bike and he said, I no thief nothing, because I no like to thief.   I no like to…I want to bring you food for house.  Ok, because the people say like so.  I no get no bike, me dijo.   The Mennonite said he only pick up brother by the street and  right there by …he saw the body and then he only called the ambulance and he put it in the ambulance and he come tell me da…he don care it to Belmopan”.   


Julian Esquivel was taken to the Western Regional Hospital by BERT ambulance and was later transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on Wednesday morning.

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