Manhunt for Emmanuel Willoughby in San Ignacio

San Ignacio Police are looking for a man believed to be responsible for an armed robbery in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Reports are that around 7:30 am, as New Yan Chinese store in Bella Vista Street was just opening for the day, a man of dark complexion, believed to be escaped prisoner Emmanuel Willoughby, accosted the female proprietor at gunpoint and demanded money. The female proprietor who was standing behind the counter gave him an undisclosed amount of money.

Reports are that her husband was upstairs, and upon hearing the commotion quickly came to her rescue. He reportedly took out his licensed 9 mm pistol and fired several shots at the culprit, who reportedly fired back as he exited the store.

Police, who were on mobile patrol, immediately responded to the sound of gunshots being fired, however the gun man had already made good his escape in some nearby bushes off the Bullet Tree Road.

Late Thursday evening, officers were in an area of Branch Mouth, where Willoughby was reportedly seen across the river.

Emanuel Willoughby, also known as Mangar, escaped from the Belize Central Prison in Hattieville late last year. He is believed to be armed and dangerous. If seen you are asked to exercise caution and call the nearest police station.

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