Manhunt still on for Andy Rhaburn


The man hunt for 26 year old Andy Rhaburn is still on. Rhaburn is wanted after he killed his mother on Tuesday morning and attacked another woman. As we told you yesterday, Rhaburn and his mother, 53 year old Braulia Pech , were under a tree in Braulia’s yard when Rhaburn attacked his mother with a crowbar and hit her to the head with it. He then ran off down the street and hit another woman, 43 year old Lilia Xujur , in the head. Lilia survived the attack but Rhaburn’s mother succumbed to her injury. Our colleagues at CTV3 in Orange Walk spoke to Clarita Rhaburn, the daughter of the deceased and sister of the accused. She says that her brother has had a history of mental sickness.


My little sister says that when she came my mother was already on the ground and my brother was no longer here. No one saw what happen they just found her there. And that they took her to the hospital but she didn’t make it to the hospital alive. She always said he had problems with my little brother but like how I told you; we didn’t saw what happen because she normally stays here on her own, only him and her that’s why we don’t know what happen.


Is it true he had mental problems?


Yes, my mom always use to take him with the help of the police whenever he started with that aggressive behavior. My mom always use to ask the police for help and the police always use to take him, after a few days of treatment he use to behave normal but I think he hasn’t been taking his treatment in a while.

Police say they have still not found Rhaburn who is considered as dangerous. Anyone knowing his whereabouts is asked to call the nearest police station. 

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