Man’s body found near riverside

The third murder took place near the downtown area of the City. Police responded to a report of a body floating in Haulover Creek around 5:15 Sunday morning. Upon visiting the area behind Village Kitchen Restaurant they found the body of Michael Emmerson Cain of Water Lane along the river bank, showing multiple apparent wounds to the fore head and chin. Police believe Cain’s attackers were three men and a woman who threw him into the river when they were done, however, they are not sure why. vlcsnap-2015-07-07-10h52m44s3

Hilberto Romero – “We have our investigators out there and know the scene was processed, there was some blood in that area, eventually he was found in the river.”

Reporter – “Just coming off the scene, it appears that he was lying down. He’s known to watch the BQ’s restaurant area I think other individual businesses, I know that he used to do it for the first owner, it appeared that he had been sleeping and may have had his head smashed but the word is that he probably got up and they even hit him again in the head.”

Hilberto Romero“Again, I don’t have all the details for that, the scene was processed and we have those photographs and whatever and we are following up on that murder.”

Police continue their investigations into this incident as well.

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