Man’s house shot at in Belize City

No one was hurt but a Belize City man’s house sustained damage from gunfire on Saturday night, September 12. We hear more from the homeowner, Cecil Martin.

Cecil Martin: I get the information from my daughter that says to call me at this number but I did never had any credit. So they call me and tell me come home because a gun man just done shoot up the house. So when I come here, I had already met the police here doing their work. So after they finish and I come inside, I saw the six bullet hole that the gun man shoot through the window. Who is it? I don’t know but someone just come shoot up my house. Thank God nobody get hurt that time.

 Reporter: Okay so you mi di explain to me that the gunman came off the street. Tell me about that and how the shooting happen.

vlcsnap-2015-09-15-23h00m23s180 Cecil Martin: Well as far as I understand from my two daughters. They was in the kitchen. One guy that they call Flower was sitting in the same chair that has bullet in it and he saw the gunman, and when he run in the kitchen, da then the gunman start to shoot. If you look outside you a see the thing weh he climb up pan and shub he hand through the window and let off the shot at the young man, but he already mi left affa the chair and run inside the kitchen, so they nevah get fu catch ah.

According to Martin, who has lived in the area for about 14 years, his two older sons may be running with company that made his house a target.

Cecil Martin: They leave me in a scared way because I don’t know when they will strike again or whatsoever. I have two son. I don’t say they give trouble, and I don’t say they don’t give trouble because in front of me they do not give trouble, behind my back I can’t tell what they do along with their friends. As far as I know, I think they’re alright, because they work. But some relationship between them and their friend caused the gunman to come shoot at my house. Only that I could say, I don’t have any clue about what transpired with them on the street to mek gunman come da my house.

Martin’s house is located across from another house targeted over the weekend where a man and a woman were injured.

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