Many spend the Holiday beautifying Belize City

The Belize City Council and its partners came out to conduct the second annual Labour for Belize initiative on Labour Day. According to Mayor Darrell Bradley there were numerous projects conducted. We caught up with him at the venerable Swing Bridge.

Darrell Bradley – Belize City Mayor:
vlcsnap-2013-05-02-23h00m14s97We’ve been planning it about six weeks and we identified a series of projects.  Last year the City Council cleaned the Northern highway first, and this year we’re doing that again.  We’ve had people cleaning the old cemetery off Risco Street. We have Dammers International down here.  We have groups in Lake independence. We have the Honorable Mark King who came out and he’s doing the basketball court in Lake Independence. [We have] clean-up campaigns along Mahogany Street, and we’re planting some trees along there again, installing garbage bins.  We’ve had a contingent from the Scouts.  We’ve had very many persons come out, and it’s really warming to see so many people on a holiday giving up of their time for the benefit of their city and their community.

Mayor Bradley says that as much as the Council’s own workers and businesses play a part in the event, the best part of it all is involving the children.

Darrell Bradley – Belize City Mayor:
vlcsnap-2013-05-02-22h15m11s188We had an opening ceremony in Sea View parking lot this morning at minutes to five. There were a lot of families that just came out, a lot of children who came out.  I saw a group, a man and his wife and two kids. they just said that they saw the advertizement for it, and they just wanted to inspire a little bit of civic pride.  We had a group of members of the Nigerian community who just said that they wanted to participate in this year’s activity.  I’m always excited when we get schoolchildren participating, because this is really their country, and it’s their responsibility to take up the mantle when we leave. It’s good that we’re trying to promote it among our younger generation that they should take pride in their community. 
A lot of the projects are geared among beautification.  We’re doing a lot of painting and sanitation and clean-up. I’ve always said that the city spends way too much money on sanitation, and if we had more ownership and more buy-in from members of the public, then we could save all that money and put it a lot more in other resources, like constructing streets and other more meaningful projects in the City.

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