Many teachers out of job due to incomplete training

In February of this year, the Ministry of Education announced that over one thousand three hundred teachers from primary and secondary institutions are expected to lose their jobs this coming school year because they did not complete education training. Back in 2008, the ministry notified teachers of the need for them to obtain certification in pedagogy, however, a great number did not. With school set to open in a few weeks, Minister of Education Patrick Faber was today asked where that process stands. vlcsnap-2016-08-18-11h44m33s76

Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister;

I would not be able to give you the specific number but we did carry out that exercise and in fact we did do an appeal even, so that after the decision was made using the criteria as we had signalled we would do, and please, I want to remind people that the vetting committee so to speak, that dealt with that was not only the Ministry of Education. While ultimately according to the law, the decision to grant the permit lies with the chief education officer we try to make the decision making body as wide as possible and we included a representative from the BNTU, from the General Manager Association, a representative from the Principals of Secondary School. They were the ones who vetted these applications and gave their results as a result of the criteria that was set. There were some who felt that their case was not properly heard or that the committee might have missed something and there was a process for them to make that appeal to the same committee to review, that process as I understand is being completed.  

Faber says they are some teachers who did not do what they were required to do, even with an extension to complete their training.

Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister;

There were some teachers honestly, that did not do what they were required to do, I have had or many have come to me who are pleading for some special consideration and outside of the criteria that has been set. That criteria they must remember is special consideration because strictly speaking, the law said that if you don’t have it by this time you just don’t have it but we instroduce this special permit to cater for this kind of situation and yet there are some who honestly did not do anything and I’m starting to sound unsympathetic but that is the reality. People didn’t believe, they didn’t take us seriously and if we are going to make that significant change then we have to make these tough measures.  

Minister Faber says that they are hoping that with the exiting of some of these persons with provisional licenses, that fully trained and qualified teachers who before could not get a job, will now be able to fill in those slots made available.

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