Many vehicles damaged in Benque Viejo Del Carmen

vlcsnap-2013-06-03-21h46m30s177Residents of Benque Viejo were awoken by the blast of glass breaking and shattering to the ground, as a group of women drove around the Church Street area, vandalizing whatever vehicle was in sight. Now this is one of those you had to be there to believe kind of thing and so we’ll take you there – where the tranquil streets of western Belize were violently disturbed early Sunday morning.

Male witness:
I didn’t see the driver or the people in the front seat.  It looked like a female in the back seat, very light completion, leaning against the opposite back door, and yelling at us on the corner.  

The posse of women, described as “dressed like men” went circling the neighborhood and causing extensive and costly damages to private vehicles and even taxis. The vehicle owners we spoke to were outraged and really, just shocked.

Male witness:
vlcsnap-2013-06-03-21h47m18s172About ten to four my cousin come and he call me.  He told me “Somebody has broke your windshield and you’ll have to go to the station.” He said there are some women in an Isuzu Rodeo, and they’re going all over the place breaking windshields of the vehicles.  So when I came down I find out my windshield was broken.  My door was broken too.

Female witness:
I heard and I look out the window, and then when I walked and went to the Police Station and report, there was a guy with some girls that were at the hot-dog place.  They saw the vehicle because the vehicle almost run then over. They saw the vehicle with a baseball bat hitting a car on St. Joseph Street.

Male witness:
Three thirty in the morning a guy came with his vehicle alerting [me],  I say “What happened?”  I came out.  He told me “Go look for your vehicle.  Somebody just come and knock it.”  So I have to pay this thing, or what the Government has to do. 

vlcsnap-2013-06-03-21h56m26s24We also spoke with a bus driver who because of Sunday’s debacle, was not able to work his routine run, and on top of losing the day’s revenue, he  must now shell out over a thousand dollars to fix his bus.

Bus Driver:
vlcsnap-2013-06-03-21h55m30s211When I was in my room I just heard a loud noise. I came out quickly.  The glasses [on the bus] were broken. I just called the Police.  The PC [who lives in the area] saw what happened too.  He saw the person with the bat.  It was a red Suzuki.  They came with a bat.  Today I was supposed to go to Belize, and i lost my run because of the incident.  {The damage to the bus windshield] is like six hundred dollars.  In all it’s like one thousand, six hundred [dollars] damage. 

vlcsnap-2013-06-03-21h58m24s167Benque Viejo Police say that they don’t have any persons detained at the moment. They do know that the driver of the vehicle transporting the women was a male. Officer in Charge, Dinsdale Thompson, told us more.

Dinsdale Thompson – Officer in Charge:
vlcsnap-2013-06-03-20h48m16s247In Benque Viejo we’ve been having reports of dents on vehicles which were damaged by individuals who were passing by. The Police in Benque Viejo, we do have that a red Toyota Forerunner was passing by and an individual supposedly got out of the said red Toyota Forerunner and caused damage to motor vehicles in a hotel.
[Vehicles were damaged] in George Street, Church Street, and that whole area which is a residential area.  So far we have followed up on that lead that we had, a red Toyota Forerunner, as we’re asking the public that if you have any information which can assist us, the police, if they can kindly come in and give us that information so that we can bring a closure to this investigation.
We have three defense persons who have come in and made reports, and upon our checking we did find out that there are ten people so far.  We have already contacted, and working along with, San Ignacio Police who have carried out searches, and information that we believe can assist us as well. It’s related to the red Toyota Forerunner. We do have information that the vehicle came from the San Ignacio area, but that as well we’re looking for the general public to assist us.

Police say they continue their investigation of the vandalism of the ten vehicles.

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