Marcel Cardona Defends His Name

On Thursday it was reported that the General Legal Council had made a decision to suspend Marcel Cardona from  legal practice for a year. The decision was based on an allegation made by a Czechoslovakian woman Hana Belickova, the mother of Martin Muzikant, a former client of Cardona’s.  In the original complaint made in June 2013, Belickova filed an affidavit saying that Cardona took just under thirty two tousand dollars of her money- and claimed that he had to use twenty thousand to bribe authorities to release her son, Martin Muzikant. In an interview with Love fm on Friday, Cardona categorically denied these allegations. He said he was caught completely by surprise since no notice was given to him that the general legal council was meeting to make a decision about him, nor had he received any notice that there was an allegation against him until it was reported on the news on Thursday night.

vlcsnap-2015-06-09-10h20m47s169Marcel Cardona  – Attorney, Recommended for suspension

“I was caught completely unaware of this which has taken place before the disciplinary committee of the BAR. That is the reason why I am adamant, I am determined that I am going to take this farther. This will not stay like this. ne of the complaints is, allegedly I may have overcharged the client for services. I want to say to you, and to be very clear, the amount of work that I have put in for that client, I am fully prepared to be able to substantiate everything that was charged to that client, everything for services because it was a laborious task that rand into the weeks… several weeks.”

There is also a copy of an email circulating on the web that implicates Cardona of bribery. In the interview Cardona did admit that he got assistance from several officials of the BAR to assist him in that particular case. But did he pervert the legal system by offering bribes? This was his response when he was asked the question point blank.

Marcel Cardona

“Certainly not, I am an officer of the court. I am sworn to uphold the laws of this county – the laws of Belize. And to serve in my capacity as an attorney of law to the best of my knowledge, skill, ability and that does not include committing or engaging in unlawful activity. As I repeat to you, I believe that this is a smear campaign by these individuals. “

But why would anyone want to damage his reputation? He wouldn’t say, but he did offer some accusations of his own


Marcel Cardona

“Subsequently, information has come to my attention that this vbery client, who posed under the name Martin Muzikant was an imposter.”



“How did you come by that information?”


Marcel Cardona

“When we get to the court, we will be providing farther information in relation to that.”


” So someone named Martin Muzikant did hire you for your legal services?”

Marcel Cardona

“Allegedly yes. This person may be wanted by the international authorities.”


Cardona says he is still waiting for official correspondence from the Bar’s disciplinary council. As we told you, it was the general legal council that made the decision to suspend him for a year but only the chief Justice can make it official. Cardona said he is prepared to fight his case when that final decision is handed down.

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