Mario Vernon family continue quest for justice

Mario Vernon is the young man who was shot and killed in Punta Gorda over a month ago at the hands of a police officer. The officer, PC Tevin Aranda, was charged for manslaughter, as he reported that Vernon had a gun and was being pursued when Vernon turned around and aimed the gun at the cop. Aranda claims he shot at Vernon to save his life and never meant to shoot him behind the head.  The family believes it was not a case of manslaughter, but murder, and believe Aranda should have been so charged.  Vernon’s family have since orchestrated a rally in Punta Gorda demanding justice and are continuing to ask for a proper investigation to be done. Vernon’s aunt told our colleagues at PGTV that they have written many letters to various government leaders but have received no response.

Vincent Nunez, 

The letter was signed by myself, by Dennis Usher and by Juliet Vernon. We sent a letter to Mr. Elrington, one to the Prime Minister and one to Mr. Aragon and also we wrote a letter to Carmen Cacho, the O.C here in PG because this happened under his nose and he should have some answers. But the only answer that we got from him so far is silence. And then he is saying, not to us ,but this is what I heard he said that he wasn’t in PG. So tell me if I was the Principal of a school and A incident occurred at my school am I not responsible? Am I not to take responsibility? I just think this is all a part of A cover up and all this crap needs to stop.  We are trying to be patient. We have our lawyer but as I said our letters we will release to the media and just let the whole country know what is happening that should not be happening justice needs to be serve as a matter of fact instead of the police or law enforcement people or justice system listening to them they have not listened at all what has happened is that the PG police are intimidating and harassing witnesses and I think the dragging of the feet of the justice department goes right along with that so I think their trying to pace this thing out to see if we are going to give up but we will not give up.

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