Mark Flowers saddened at prosecution

Former Gang Suppression Unit boss, Superintendent Mark Flowers is tonight behind bars. It is a position he likely never imagined he would be in. He stands accused of two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 14 year old girl. He has called it a malicious move on the part of a minister of government and in an extensive interview with us yesterday admitted that he is disheartened by it all:

Mark Flowers; Ex GSU Commander;Mark Flowers

I am angry, I am frustrated, I am feeling betrayed, I am starting to have hate but I know that I’m not disappointed for all. I don’t think they could disappoint me because I somehow understand there silly games and knowing that it’s going nowhere, and I want to be optimistic about everything and I’m thinking that this might be the cause for financing my retirement because this is one malicious prosecution and you know that it’s malicious.  

Mark Flowers as head of the elite police unit had no qualms about hiding his political preferences during the last general elections and so we asked him why he is now choosing to throw his boss under the bus, and thereby cast aspersions on his party:

Mark Flowers; Ex GSU Commander;

I have my own political preferences, nothing changes and nothing will change it. I never was a UDP, I said I have my political preferences, I am no card baring or any registered member or any delegate for any party. I have my political choices and I’m saying it hasn’t changed.

Flowers is remanded until September 26th for disclosure but it is expected that his attorney, Richard “Dickie” Bradley will process bail for him at the earliest possible time.

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