Mark King has parting words for Lake I

UDP’s Mark King is no longer the area representative forLake Independence after experiencing a sound defeat from PUP’s Cordel Hyde. King, who has been in the public spotlight on numerous occasions for his outlandish comments, has once again managed to make the news, this time with a facebook Post from his personal account. The post reads as follows… download (12)

“I gave them my all and Prime Minister gave me everything to take care of them. They laughed at me. Now 30 social programs will be gone and UDP is no longer in Lake I.  Let me see who will pay their bills, send their kids to school, give them land, and treat them with love, starting with a dead vlcsnap-2015-11-05-20h29m51s186Christmas. I’ll be on a foreign beach with my kids living the life… ” His parting words were :“Off the grid I go… those already calling for grants, plywood, money, opps… laugh at that. Dont call, dont text, u got what you voted for. Live with it LOL”

These programs, gifts and grants to residents of Lake Independence that mark King Speaks of , are of course, from Belizean tax dollars.

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