Mark King steps up and address the media

The Prime Minister can count on the support of at least one Minister of State, who knows a thing or two about facing unfriendly fire. Minister of State Mark King, who earlier this year was backed by his party as he battled criminal charges in relation to a melee at the Free Zone in Corozal, returned the favour on Friday. He told us why.

vlcsnap-2013-10-28-07h48m20s247Hon. Mark King – Area Representative for Lake Independence

“This da my kind ah support fuh my Prime Ministah.   Fuh the rest of ministahz, dehn speak fuh dehnself…I dih yah soh fuh my Prime Ministah and my paati…simple, I just cohn welcome the man huom!”

Reporter:   “But do you always do it?”

Hon. Mark King:  “Of course, I feel like cohn tudeh!   I feel like the man deserve wah lee welcoh huoh, so I do that!”   I believe that the UDP have one of the most transparent Prime Ministah, and at the end of the day, I believe that, you know. A lot has happen’ I believe that our Prime Ministah, unlike the PUP Prime Ministah and prezent leedah have wah lotta………fuh tell people about what dih happen eeanh dis govahment and at dis Cabinet”.

Mark King added that until proof is shown of the allegations being made, he continues to believe it is all political mischief.

Hon. Mark King:  “So, I don’t know I dih hallaw baloo all about?   At the end of the day, the media have all questions to asked; the Prime Minister have answered all.   If they are more to come I wah answer ah, and if there is another channel to come, so be it!”

Reporter:   “How you take the new allegations against Minister Castro?”

Hon. Mark King:  “Again, we don’t hang our people to dry.   If the allegations are true, they are true, and so beit, they will have to battle that eenah court.   If the allegations are not true, them so be it, the lady will face court action.  In terms of he had given recommendation and signatures in terms of recommendation letter…anybody could recommend; wah teacher could recommend, wah Justice of the Peace could recommend, a minister could recommend.   However, that has to go through the Immigration Department; this is unlike the Penner case whereby Penner signed on those…and the minister has clearly said that he gave a couple of recommendation.   I don’t know if it will come to light that one he collected any money from those because no proof is there”.

Things had the potential to get truly stormy, as we have learned that activist Rufus X and two associates obtained a permit for a demonstration at the junction of the Airport Road and Philip Goldson Highway. It’s never been done before, but the very threat broadcast over the television news Thursday night seemed to be enough to galvanize the UDP into marshaling their forces. But it was all a bluff, and on Friday Rufus X told us the UDP played right into his hands.

vlcsnap-2013-10-28-07h48m36s172Rufus X- Community Activist

“Well, to be frank, Geovanni, I no have nottin to demonstrate about.   The people weh dih demonstrate are the poor people weh dih feel the blunt of it.   My intention was just to call a bluff just to prove to the people that there is payer no expense when it comes to…nobody noh go meet no Prime Ministah nor politician when dehn come in fahn farehn, but this da the trick riteyah!   You know why e giih the teechaz dehn raze ah pay?   You know why e raze the public service wah raze ah pay!  E seh e dih swim eenah money, but yet, but yet there is payer no expense!   And that just to show that dehn have these down to earth cheap organizers around full gather up the fanatics.   E proof that Belizean is beyond helping at the stage, because a government that is in turmoil, a government that is completely disgraced by its own hustling, when dehn ca’t turn people out deh dehm can’t deh out people fuh mek trouble, Geovanni!   Da trobl de aftah you knoh?   But weh dehn dih ya now, deh wa spen money, deh wa ker peepl fih wa simple bluff”.

t remains to be seen when the Prime Minister will address the swirl of scandals surrounding his administration.

Earlier this week we told you that Hon. Mark King, Lake Independence area representative, was alleged to have written to Mayor of Belize City Darrell Bradley complaining that a proposed project in his division was being neglected. In occasionally salty language the writer excoriated the Council for behaving like God and ignoring the effort. It seemed quite true…but it turns to be too good to be true, as Mayor Bradley has denied receiving it and today, King told us he never wrote it.

Hon. Mark King :  “Mek ah tel unuh sohnting, me and Darrel Bradley and City Council have one of the nicest relationships, Lake I dih get wah lotta lov with the City Council.   At the end of the day we have absolutely no need to write wah letta weh  I andastann the Mayor nehva received and that I nehva  write.    And a tel you that caz ah my bally Jules da back deh.   So, ah no even got dih time to comment pahn dehn nansens; again, political mischief…I don’t know who is doing it, but man, I consider like the Channel 5 think dih saynting until the evidence is brought forward”.

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