Mark King to be charged for assault of Police Officer

vlcsnap-2013-02-05-19h07m10s187Mark King is to be charged in connection with an ongoing assault of a Police Officer investigation in the north. Earlier today at about 2:30am a uniformed police was on duty at the Princess Casino located at the Northern Border. While standing outside of the casino, he noticed that the security guard from the casino was escorting a male person out of the casino. Thereafter the security guard escorted another male person out of the casino as the male person was behaving disorderly.  He learned the first male person’s name to be 22 year old Diego Witz Jr. a Belizean businessman of Punta Gorda Town. Witz then came back to where the second male person was being escorted out and attempted to hit one of the security guards. The police then intervened and Diego Witz reportedly pushed and punched the officer in the face. A struggle then ensued vlcsnap-2013-02-05-19h04m53s82where Diego Witz Jr. was subdued. He was cautioned of the offense committed of assaulting a police officer and was escorted to the police booth at the border and was later escorted to the Corozal Police Station pending charges. If you noticed the Police report did not name the other individual.  Turns out that individual is none other than Hon. Mark King; reliable reports to Plus news is that  when police arrived on the scene, King allegedly tried to wrest away an officer’s weapon but was unsuccessful. King also threatened some police officers and his driver allegedly fired shots at the Casino near the northern border.

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