Mark Medina killed in Belize City

There were two murders in Belize City on Sunday afternoon, happening no more than three hours apart from each other in the heat of the day. The first took place around 10:00 in the morning, when a killer in wait struck at Iguana Street, taking the life of 31 year old Mark Anthony Medina of Berkeley Street and leaving 55 year old Egbert Hemmans of Central American Boulevard in critical condition, now improved, at hospital. Hemmans had just dropped Medina off in the area in his vehicle when a single gunman of dark complexion opened fire on Medina and killed him at the scene. Hemmans was also fired on three times and hit to the abdomen, but was able to drive himself to hospital where he is in recovery. Police say they have been unable to determine so far what Medina was doing in the area but have already identified several persons to be questioned.

Supt. Hilberto Romero – OC, CIB Eastern Divisionmark27.4.15d

“At this time, we have several persons in custody. We are conducting interviews, we are recording statements. This is an ongoing investigation at this moment and no one has been charged so far.

“We understand that a second person was also injured.”

Supt. Hiberto Romero 
“A second person was also shot to the abdomen. Egbert Hemmans received a gunshot injury. He is admitted at the KHMH in a stable condition.”

“He was the one that took Mr. Medina to the location?”

Supt. Hiberto Romero 
“He was the taxi driver that took Medina to that area.”

“Do police know at this time what he was doing in that area?”

Supt. Hiberto Romero vlcsnap-2015-04-28-10h57m24s169
“We do not know what he was doing in that area. The taxi took him there and at some point a lone gunman came out of a yard and fired several shots at him.”

Supt. Romero reported that he was not aware of reports that Interpol had named Medina as a potential target of Mexican drug cartels and was identified as needing protection. Medina was last in the news last September when he was charged for displaying affiliation with the George Street Gang over the Independence Day weekend. He had previously been given a nolle prosequi in the 2007 death of a Chinese shopkeeper in Belize City. Police investigations into his murder continue.

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