Market Vendors Complain About Unruly UDP Crowd

With a massive crowd like the one seen at Tuesday’s rally, you would have expected the Belmopan businesses around the market area and the bus terminal to benefit, but on the contrary, reports are that a lot of people closed down early, due to the unruly behavior of some members of the crowd.
One shop keeper at Market square in particular was robbed of several items that were on display. The report however never reached police, and they have declined going on camera with their concerns, instead the shop closed down at 1:00 pm, as did many other businesses around that area.
vlcsnap-2014-11-21-05h28m13s58A series of fights broke out throughout the day, but there was one in particular that alerted police.
Sometime around midday, a man was stabbed as a result of an altercation.
When questioned, police told Plus News that they were aware of the situation, but did not pursue the matter further, as the victim refused to press any charges.
On Thursday, police confirmed that the stabbing incident was gang related.
One source told Plus News that it was a member of Ghost Town Crips who inflicted the injury. Shortly after things started getting serious, the Gang Suppression Unit arrived at the scene which helped to quell the riotous activity.

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