Masked men ambushed couple in SUV

Last month, the kidnapping of a toddler made headlines, when masked men ambushed their family car in Northern Belize. Tonight we report on another highway hold up, this time in the west. According to Police reports, around 2 in the afternoon yesterday, a woman and her friend were travelling in her SUV was heading toward Belmopan, from Valley of Peace, and when she reached the Agripino Cawich Bridge, she saw two men wearing stockings over their faces jump out nearby bushes. The men, who were armed with 9mm pistols, pointed the weapons at them, demanding money. While the woman gave up nothing, her friend handed over a cell phone and a bag, which had in her Social Security card, ATM Card and Voter’s ID. The bag also contained over 1,700 in cash and other personal effects. No one was hurt during the robbery and police are investigating.

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