Masked robbery in Maya Mopan

vlcsnap-2013-05-07-20h32m33s219There was a masked robbery at a grocery store in Maya Mopan last night. Owner of the store, Miriam Navarette was closing up her store – Shalon Grocery, around 7pm, when three masked men dressed in dark clothing, gloves and carrying firearms, forced their way inside. One of the men, armed with a 9mm pistol, grabbed her by the neck just as she was trying to close the door and placed the gun at her head. Her 12 year old daughter was also inside the store and she too was grabbed by another bandit. They were led into their house, which is situated behind the shop. The men locked them in the home, while another stood guard outside, with what the victims described as “a long gun.” The robbers reportedly stole $300 in different denominations from the store’s cash register, along with some cell phones, laptop and jewelry. While leaving the property, all three men reportedly fired two shots. A 42 year old man was also assaulted with a firearm, when the woman and her daughter were shoved into the house.

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