Mason had friends in high places

At Monday’s press conference held by the Minister of National Security,  the media asked a barrage of questions regarding Mason’s apparent ties to numerous high ranking government officials and his ties specifically to the Minister of National Security whose football club Mason sponsored financially. Here again is Minister Saldivar’s response to his connection to the man with many aliases, known by many in Belize as  “Danny”.

John Saldivar, Minister of National Securityvlcsnap-2016-07-19-14h31m56s111

I have not heard or seen Mr. Mason since September last year; we do not at this time have any friendship. The reason for that is because I was provided with background information that convinced me that I ought not to have a relationship with this gentleman. The same information which I believe is now being seen on various internet sites and so prior to that we knew nothing of that gentleman until that information was brought to us. He represented himself to be an upright and outstanding business man who assisted in the community and assisted in sports and assisted in many other areas. As soon as I found out from a source about his supposed background in other countries. I certainly decided for myself that it was not a good thing to have a friendship or relationship with him.”


Today, pictures of William Mason circulated Facebook, pictures which appear to give credence to the widely spread vlcsnap-2016-07-20-14h25m44s239rumors that  Mason had made friends in some high places during his three years in the country. In this picture he is seen with the Commander of the Gang Supression Unit and a Finance Officer in one of the Government Ministries.   Plusnews has been told by several sources that the GSU used Mason’s La Democracia Farm as training grounds at one time, even though police were informing the high command that they suspected Mason was involved in illegal activities in the country. We have also seen where Mason was involved with the City Emergency Management Organization’s rescue and evacuation response. At a CEMO press conference just a month and a half ago, Mason was right there speaking  as an affiliate of the Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team, BDRRT and spoke about his equipment which could quote, “light up a place like a football field“.

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“We have been called out all the time to provide technical services. We have tremendous success with our team of 25 volunteers and we have always been known as the guys that are on the scene at anytime, the first responders. We are fully equip with any kind of equipment and we are ready to mobilize with our services.”

According to reports, BDRRT began to distance itself from Mason when they did their background check and found the rip-off report allegations that he is a con-artist. Mason also apparently used his connections to acquire a fake Belizean certificate from the Vital Statistics Unit and property which is said to be on a Mayan mound in the capital City.  //[end]

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