Massage Therapist Mr. Kevin Lee Completes Sentence; Back to Freedom

vlcsnap-2014-03-20-17h48m32s175It’s probably been a year since you heard the name Kevin Lee – the massage therapist who was convicted last year of aggravated assault of an indecent nature, after thousands of videos surfaced of his clients being secretly videoed as they undressed in his clinic.

Well he is back in the news today as he has completed his one year sentence yesterday and is now a free man.

In October of 2011 Lee was detained in Los Angeles after the reports about the indecent videos emerged and by November he was brought back to Belize to face the charges.

The case was based on the report of a woman who told police that on one occasion when she went to Kevin Lee for a backrub, Lee proceeded to grope her breasts and rear instead. Of note is that Lee was never charged for the unauthorized videoing of his clients in the nude, as there are no privacy laws in Belize to speak of.

On March 15th 2013 he was convicted of the aggravated assault charge and sentenced to one year in the Belize Central Prison.

Our colleagues at Krem news say they tried to confirm with Lee yesterday when they saw him, whether he would return to his old business but he would not say.

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