Matron Roberts Polyclinic hosts health and wellness fair

Under the theme “Your Health, Your Life, Act Now!” various health partners including HECOPAB and the Central Health Region joined with the Matron Roberts Polyclinic on Magazine Road to host today a health and wellness fair. Participants include the Kidney, Diabetes and Mental Health Associations, as well as Crimestoppers and other health NGO’s and organizations. Administrator of the clinic, Alexy Rosado, spoke to PLUS News.

Alexy Rosado – Administrator:
vlcsnap-2013-05-24-19h11m49s181Physically we want to educate the people about their way of living, their healthy living. We’re promoting: Come check yourself. Check yourself for everything.  Physically we’re encouraging  exercise to be done at home, healthy living by the things what we eat.  We have our Nutritionist’s booth out here, so she could give us tips on exactly how to eat correctly to live longer.

vlcsnap-2013-05-24-19h11m28s204According to the Ministry of Health, primary care services at the grounds will include outpatient services, maternal and child health services, nutrition and wellbeing, dental health services and mental health services. The Polyclinic does regular health promotion through health talks, individual health education and community outreach, as well as routine screening tests to prevent and control chronic diseases like cancers, diabetes and hypertension. Administrator Rosado tells us more.

Alexy Rosado – Administrator:
Matron Roberts Clinic is a very unique clinic.  We do both services, Government services as well as NHI. We provide services in maternal and child health.  We do vital stats. We have in-house pharmacy as well.  So our services are basically joined together.

The fair lasted until 3p.m.

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