Matute and Conorquie families receive payments from Government

The families of Janae Matute, the Belmopan high schooler suffering from cerebral palsy due to a doctor’s miscalculation of her delivery date, and Daniel Conorquie, the special constable gunned down in the Caracol Archaeological Reserve last September, are receiving payments from the Government of Belize in relation to their cases. In the case of Janae and her mother Georgia, they are following through on a decision by the Caribbean Court of Justice that found Dr. Raju Meenavalli liable while in the service of the Government. Previously the Government had elected not to challenge the Court of Appeal’s finding against them. Co norquie’s case is a little different: his killers have not been found and officially the Government’s liability in the case if any has not been determined. However, it was determined to assist the family as best it can. Financial Secretary Joseph Waight updated both cases today.


Josevlcsnap-2015-04-22-10h15m58s9ph Waight –  GOB’s Financial Secretary

“With the Matute case, there was a judgment and it took a while.. back and forth with the legal representatives. We agreed on a payment schedule and we are up to date with the schedule. So the Matute case is finally settled.  Conarquie compensation… remember, we have given  extortion payments, its not a compensation. Compensation suggest that there is a liability. What the government is saying [is that] we have give the Conorquie family, I believe, some assistance with the burial. We also gave some extortion payment. Whether there is more to come is a decision by the government but it is not compensation because it is not liable as unfortunate as the case may be. In the case of Matute, the courts found us liable. You can disagree with the courts but we are paying.”



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