Maya Leaders Alliance receives prestigious Equator Prize

vlcsnap-9337-04-28-03h13m11s521In September of this year, the announcement was made from  United Nations Headquarters in New York, that the Maya Leaders Alliance was one of the twenty winners of the prestigious Equator Prize 2015. The award is given to outstanding local and indigenous community vlcsnap-0855-12-12-22h40m19s731initiatives that are advancing innovative solutions for people, nature and resilient communities. Earlier today, Cristina Coc and Alfonso Cal received the Equator Prize 2015 Award on behalf of the Maya Leaders Alliance (Belize) at the Mogador Theatre in Paris, France. They were recognized for their efforts to secure and protect rights to communal lands, territories and natural resources. As a part of the award, the MLA also received US$ 10,000.00 as well as support to participate in several events at the ongoing UN Climate Change Conference. In a media Interview in September, Pablo Mis, Program Coordinator for the MLA stated that it was an interesting recognition for Belize and for the Mayan people, because their selection came from a pool of one thousand four hundred and sixty-one submissions from one hundred and twenty-six countries.

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