Maya monument in Orange Walk severely damaged

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-20h40m24s3News broke late on Friday that the Department of Archaeology is investigating a serious breach of a Maya monument in the Orange Walk District called Noh Mul. It means “Big Hill” and is located between the villages of San Jose and San Pablo. The Department has confirmed that on visiting the area they saw serious breaches of the stone monuments over a wide area, with damage to potentially valuable pieces of architecture and antiquity. It says it intends to file charges against those responsible, identified principally as D-Mar’s Construction, owned by former political candidate Denny Grijalva. Over the weekend, the citizen group Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) sent out a release describing the act as obscene and accused the current administration of having “no respect for the environment or for the historic perspective of Maya society and culture embodied by these monuments.” The monument is the main ceremonial temple at Noh Mul and is one of 81 structures on the Mayan Site. Reports are that the purpose of the excavation is to collect road construction material for works nearby Douglas Village.

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