Maya Mopan Bridge Repaired

Since August of this year, we’ve been reporting on the dilapidated condition of the single lane wooden bridge, that connects the Maya Mopan area to the San Martin Area and by extension the City of Belmopan.

The bridge was closed off to vehicular traffic in mid-August with plans to have it fixed by mid-September. There were some delays, but none the less, the bridge was reopened on Wednesday to the free flow of traffic.

vlcsnap-2014-10-02-06h25m08s211But not all are satisfied. Members of the Maya Mopan community say it is high time for City Council to invest in the construction of a proper two lane bridge for the community.

According to City Council’s project manager for the reconstruction of that bridge, the renovations are temporary, and though there are no plans set in place as yet, there are hopes that the bridge will be fully reconstructed into a two lane bridge in the near future.

The bridge, we were told, is projected to hold for 10 years at the bare minimum; however City Council hopes to have the bridge fully reconstructed before then.

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