Maya Mopan Bridge still not fixed

In August 28th, we told you about the deteriorating conditions of the bridge that connects the Maya Mopan Area with San Martin, and by extension the City of Belmopan.

The bridge has been standing for well over 15 years. But over a month ago, it was blocked off from public access for the reason that it was hazardous for vehicles to cross. The city council showed intentions of renovating it, because when we went there three weeks ago, we met members of the City Council and construction advisors, who were making various feasibility studies to estimate the cost and types of repairs it would need.

vlcsnap-2014-09-17-07h22m52s6When we did an interview with the Deputy Mayor of Belmopan we were told that the Council already had two bidders for the contract to rebuild the bridge, and were working on a third. All things being equal we were told the bridge should have been completed by mid-September.

We are in mid September and works have not even started. The only apparent difference from last three weeks and now is that  they have added a some signs and bars in front of the bridge.

It also must noted that school children use this bridge often and though there is an alternative bridge for crossing on foot, the area is prone to flooding. According to the Council, works have not commenced on the bridge as yet because of the incliment weather conditions in Belmopan.

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